A New Chapter

Hello there! Well this has got to be my 4th blog/web. In the past , i used to neglect my blog A LOT and update it maybe once a month. However, now that i’m 18 , i would like to cultivate the habit of penning/typing down my thoughts of the day and hopefully when i’m older i will look back and realise that indeed i have a wonderful life. A little introduction about myself : 

1) My name is alicia and i am very obsessed with zombies (not something usual to be obsessed about sadly).

2) I am from a very sunny island called Singapore. 

3) Dance will and always be my passion.

4) My love for blue will never die. Cheesy.

5) travelling around the world is my dream and i REALLY hope to fulfill it before i die. 

6) Leo by nature. 

7) faithful , loyal , trustworthy to only people whom i love deeply.

8) keeping fit and healthy will always be in my dictionary.

9) Friends/family members thinks that i am outgoing and friendly (i don’t bite) 

10) May every year will be a better year for me.

There you go! 10 facts/things about myself. Definitely , i have more than that but if i were to state all of it , this will be one lengthy post. Alright , stay tune for more posts and i hope you guys have a fun time reading. Till then! 


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