Stating My Opinion.

I have never wanted to be involved in any political debate or discussions between my peers before. To me the word “politics” will always be a very sensitive and controversial topic. However, with the news of Mr Lee Kuan Yew’s death, this sparked an outrage of arguments, debates, and discussions over the social media platform and on various sites. What was the topic about? Yes, you guessed it “politics”. I don’t think this should be an appropriate time to either slam him for his wrong doings or policies. You may not agree with his way of ruling BUT with all the time that you had WHY do you need to choose this period to nit and pick all his flaws? You can post all the negative things about him last month or even the year before. It may not seem sensitive to you but what about his family? Imagine during one of your family member’s funeral and instead of mourning his/her death, people started listing his/her mistakes and disregards the family’s feeling. Do you not know how hurtful it is ALREADY knowing that some hated him for their whole life and still rubbing it into their wounds? While others are defending the deceased’s family, there you go talking about morale values and how Mr Lee does not have them all. First and foremost, by sending hurtful remarks and unintellectual comments really shows what kind of person you are. You must have been totally ignorant because YOU are the pot who calls the kettle black. Surely and clearly, Mr Lee did not do that. Yes I may seem biased in the sense that throughout this whole paragraph I am speaking up for him. Much to your surprised, no. I know what he did wrong as a leader or the decisions that he made or the policies that he implemented. In case you haven’t know and before you start typing out your self-righteous comments, I urged you to brush up on your history of Singapore too. You must give a person credit and gratitude for what he has done right and not done wrong. With great leadership comes with great responsibility. Honestly he had a choice to abandon this swampy state and let the then Malaysians rule over us which will include the increased ethnic riots and unequal status for other races. However, Mr Lee chose the other option. And may I ask those self-righteous people out there what is it? HE TOOK IT AS A WAKE UP CALL AND DECIDED TO ACHIEVE GREATER HEIGHTS FOR SINGAPORE AND STRIVE BETTER. He led a group which we now call them the heroes of Singapore (pioneer generation) to independence and guide them through the dark with his advices. Now what do we pampered, ungrateful, sheltered young generation have is because of them INCLUDING Mr Lee. Thus do not disregard the fact that Mr Lee do deserve the amount of respect and gratitude to him. Most of his actions and words to his opponent or those who could be a threat in developing Singapore may be harsh BUT if he is not then they will never change and Singapore will be doomed. In addition, some of you think that he didn’t PHYSICALLY build up this sunny island, however if there was not a great leader like him, will there even be a Singapore? Will you be able to enjoy the coldness of an air-con? Will you be able to have a roof over your head? Will you be able to have a state with almost no gangsters and hooligans around? Will we actually have a job? Will we even have an education? Could we even have public transportations? Could we have a fearful life in Singapore? Could we possibly experienced such comfortable living conditions now? COULD WE EVEN HAVE SG50? COULD WE? ASK YOURSELF. REFLECT ABOUT THE HURTFUL THINGS YOU HAVE SAID ABOUT HIM AT THIS TIME OF THE YEAR. MOURN NOW WHILE YOU CAN BECAUSE THERE WILL NEVER EVER BE A GREAT LEADER LIKE HIM FOR YEARS TO COME. Keep the hatred for him to yourself these few days and released it after the state funeral. That’s the least and basic respect that you MUST give to him.

For those who do not agree with me or think that my opinion is wrong, I will not apologise for it. I have stated that I am not taking sides but at least you should give him that simple amount of respect. BASIC MANNERS FOR A DECEASED PERSON.

I have said my piece and I am thankful to those that supported him or even paying their last respects to Mr Lee Kuan Yew. Humans are no saints and we do make mistakes BUT what matters most is that you admit and recognised it, and … HE DID.

So do you admit your mistakes now?


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