Hello I am back. Hmmm… that’s a very awkward introduction. Today will be a random topic and I guess it’s just for me to ramble. First and foremost, I have started my tertiary education. Well I would say that it was rather hectic as I have been resting for too long. I am currently in RP and the lecturers conducted their lessons using the PBL method (problem-based learning). Initially I thought it was useless since I have encountered some PBL lessons in the past. They were a complete mess and soon enough my impression of group work went down the drain. It was utterly stupid of teachers to conduct the class using this method. However, now that I have spent at least 1 and a half month adopting the PBL method, my impression of it was total independent learning. We had to source out the solutions instead of asking the lecturers as they refused to give us the answers (that’s the purpose, no they were not being mean). If you look at it in the negative light, you will think that they are not helping you and you’d rather stay home and read up. But, if you look at it in a positive light, you will thank this system for developing you into independent learners because in the working society we don’t have a ‘guardian’ to help us. In addition, we will pick up skills (problem solving skills, presentation skills and etc) that will benefit us in the working industry. Thus, we can excel higher and strive for the best. Overall, it wasn’t a bad experience. J

Unfortunately, when we have to solve the problem, we have to work in groups (more thinking caps). You see, there are different types of group mate one can get. You are lucky, you get the smart or hardworking one. If lady luck isn’t on your side, you will get the blur and lazy ones. Trust me, you definitely get all of them eventually. For me, I am thankful that out of 5 modules, 2 modules are the downright unlucky ones. In no means am I going against them, but when it comes to producing quality work, I cannot tolerate lazy people. Fine by me if they do not want to type or create google docs but least they should contribute their ideas instead of idling. I have 2 team mates whom I am very unhappy about. Let’s call them A (girl) and B (boy). A is fresh off the boat from India and I am not picking on her based on nationality. Since she is from India, there are lots of adapting for her to do and I know it is not easy. However, I supposed she hates to be look down upon thus whenever we asked her if she understands she will say yes or shake her head. Therefore we assumed that she understands everything and have no problems tackling the questions. However, during our O.B lesson, she proved us wrong. She is indeed a person who ACTS as if she KNOWS everything. I almost puke blood hearing her answer for qna. Totally lost on how to help her (not that I am being mean lol).

For exhibit B (HAHAHA), he was from an all-boys school, thus he thinks that he is more superior to the others. He looks down on those who were from neighbourhood schools. I feel that he is arrogant and refused to take orders from those that he sees as inferior to him. In fact, he would rather do things on his own and not co-operate with us. I detest this kind of group mate.

In conclusion, you are on your own. Whether you have shitty group mates or not don’t really matter because after all the lectures are there to see it for themselves and plus you will be given an opportunity to evaluate your peers. GIVE THEM ‘STRONGLY DISAGREE’ ALL YOU WANT!!!


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