Heard of `diamond is a girl’s best friend’? Of course you did. However, it doesn’t apply to me, fortunately. Ya’know how pricey it is to get a diamond for yourself and what’s worse is you can’t get a different/latest edition daily. A diamond can be so expensive that probably you are going to buy it only 10x throughout your lifetime. That’s the cost you must bear if you wanna lavished yourself with expensive goods. I won’t say that it is totally unaffordable, judging on how celebs get to don on different ones during award ceremonies. Yes, some might be sponsored but I am sure some were not. Alright enough about diamonds (in case we have ladies drooling right now)… let’s move on to MY best friend. My best friend is based on my own opinion and liking so if you disagree, I suggest you take a chill pill and not read. I don’t wanna get haters on my back. Fucking annoying. <–         DISCLAIMER. And don’t go around providing your 2 cents about obesity. Ain’t nobody go time for that? Yes, I am harsh and rude but who cares? It’s still me. Oops side tract a little. FOOD IS MY BEST FRIEND. It gives me comfort when I’m down, “give” me advices when needed, inspire me to do better, keep me on track with my diet HAHA and many more. It is safe to say that food will be my buddy for a lifetime as it holds a dear place in my heart. (Probably more than my boyfriend hehe jkjk) One thing for sure is even a 2 dollar meal can make me happy, like literally. For instance, I was so moody (was on period can’t blame me lol) and I felt that the whole word was against me. I tried multiple ways to make me feel better but to no avail. Thus, I went to one of the coffee-shops near cchy back gate and ate their lontong (Malay dish). It was so satisfying and sumptuous!!! Can’t believe such delicious bowl of lontong only cost 2 friggin bucks!! After I ate my meal, I REALLY felt so much better. Yes, I agree to some extent that it is considered as binging but if that’s what makes you happy, I say go for it. However, please moderate the portion of your food. DO NOT OVER EAT EXCESSIVELY. In the long run, you will see symptoms of high cholesterol, blood pressure, diabetes and etc. IT IS UNHEALTHY TO EAT EXCESSIVELY OKAY. (WARNING). I am sure you guys knows your body best and are responsible enough not to harm yourself. Did I side track again?! Anyway…. Food just makes me really happy. If you buy me food on birthdays, Valentine’s Day and Christmas, I will totally love you. So damn easy to please right? Lol gullible and a glutton. Gonna be world’s easiest to please and fattest gf. DAMN. In conclusion, small little things can make you happy, for example a simple meal. You don’t have to go to the extra mile just to search for happy moments in life. Sometimes it will be right in front of you, be observant and give others a chance. People might make you happy too, like you love ones. So go ahead with what makes you happy and don’t be afraid to show it. Cheers!


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