My Future Wedding Speech

To start off, I am sure most of you have been to weddings right? Usually, you will encounter the situation whereby both groom and bride have to address their guests. Personally, I feel that this is unnecessary because you can thank them in other manner, for instance, through a personalise card. By no means am I condemning this tradition but in my opinion I will try to avoid it. Recently, I had been to a friend’s wedding at park royale. Well, he is 20 years of age and the bride is tad older. They met through some match-make agency (I suppose this is china’s tradition? Correct me if I’m wrong) and In my opinion he is certainly too young to handle marriage, let alone a GIRLFRIEND. I know him well thus I had to make this assumption. OOPS SIDE TRACK AGAIN. Anyway, my point is they had to make a speech halfway through the wedding dinner. What’s worse is my friend had some stage jitters (he wasn’t prepared thus he had to do an impromptu one) and he felt so bad for stammering. By no means is this unprofessional but more like a stage jitters attack. I felt that it was such a hassle as it was their wedding day and yet they couldn’t enjoy their dinner?! WHAT SORCERY IS THIS?! I mean you paid quite a heavy sum of money just so you and your wife can have a memorable wedding dinner but you CAN’T finished all the courses. That’s why I will make it a point to keep my speech probably less than 5 mins so that I can enjoy my food hahaha. I am known for being a glutton so don’t judge. The main thing on my wedding list would be: FINISHING ALL MY COURSES INCLUDING THE DESSERT. I know I know, I am just very different from other ladies. Most of them would want people to have a good impression of their wedding, but for me I want me and my partner to enjoy. Alright so here is my speech (disclaimer: friends and families 7-9years from the future, if you happened to read this post and the speech differs from this, please note that as I age my mentality changes so this is currently what I am going to say during my wedding dinner (2015)) :

Dear family and friends,

Thank you for taking time out from your busy schedules. I have too many people to thank hence, I will not name out all of them. Personally, I would like to thank my late grandfather. He loved me for who I am, even as a bratty child he still lavished me with lots of love. Till to this day, I knew I could trust him wholeheartedly.  However, he can now entrust that duty to (name of my partner). I know (name of my partner) will love me with all his heart and soul. Sorry if it’s too cheesy.haha. To end it off, I hope you guys have a great night and do enjoy yourself. Thank you.

YUP THAT’S ALL ABOUT IT. Honestly, the speech does not define your wedding so I feel that you just need to thank those who made an impact in your life. To add on, my dad once told me that “girl, you CAN exclude an extravaganza wedding. You can even choose to wed alone without any family members, just the 2 of you. The main thing is to keep your marriage alive and love each other till forever. The wedding is not as important as you think it is.” SO TO THOSE COUPLES OUT THERE, ENJOY YOUR WEDDING AND DO NOT FRET OVER THE PLANNING. AS FOR THOSE SINGLES, DON’T WORRY, THEY MIGHT BE NEAR YOU. Cheers guys!


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