Fashion sense

Hey guys, I guess this is what most of you are waiting for… fashion. Probably girl’s favourite topic to talk about. Anyway, I know my post will be kind of disappointing but I hope you will at least take a read and tell me on where to improve to make the topic more interesting. To start off, my fashion sense might not be the best so do pardon me if the colour clashes or anything. My style would be something casual and comfortable. Hold your horses before commenting that that the style will be too ugly. Let the pictures do the talking my loves.


Super cute and comfy right? I am sure you guys will volunteer to wear it, especially during a breezy day. From the shoes to the bag, everything seems to fit perfectly, even the colours too. OMG I can literally die of fashion-spazz!! Oh ya this is style number 1.


Style number 2.

This will probably be for the more chic and comfy kind of girl. As you can see, denim jeans is totally the fashion life saver. Anything can be paired with denim material and you look good in them. Even with a slouchy pullover/blouse, one will still be able to pull off the chic vibe.  (LIKE THE LADY ABOVE) *credits to Pinterest imagine adding a pair of sunnies, DAMN YOU GO GIRL! Really suitable for a dress down day.


Style number 3.

So… this is more for the winter season/autumn. This style is simple yet swag. The beanie helps a lot in the “swag” segment as beanie is ultimately one of the accessories that helps to amplify the “swagness” of your look. NO ONE WILL DARE JUDGE YOU FOR WEARING THIS!!! The boots add on a very chic vibe too. I always love boots like this. Not those knee-length boots though. If your legs are long it doesn’t really matter. However, if you got short legs like me (ahem), I suggest you take boots like this. And, remember to let down your flawless hair. To me, in order to pull off the beanie, you have to let down your hair so as to shape your face. Even the simplest colours can be a “swag” fashion statement (white top, denim jacket and black leggings/skinnies). I will definitely try to dress something similar to that, during winter.


Style number 4.

You know what is this for right? COACHELLA THEME INSPIRED. Truth is, not really, recently the kimono, ripped shorts, lace bralette and floral headband has been in trend. Ever since Coachella has been known worldwide, many fashion brands came out with designs that could accommodate the music festival. As the festival is during summer (around march/april I think), the clothes and materials used were thinner and less restricted. Obviously, during a festival you have to move around a lot and there will be carnival and games. JUST BECAUSE YOU HAVE NOT HEARD OF THAT FESTIVAL, IT DOESN’T GIVE YOU AN EXCUSE TO NOT KNOW THAT CELEBS ALL AROUND THE WORLD ATTENDED THIS EVENT. Let me name a few of them and show you their Coachella style. Be impressed ladies.


Kendall and Kylie Jenner, 2014 (?), Coachella


Vanessa Hudgens, Can’t remember the year, Coachella


Selena Gomez, Can’t remember the year, Coachella


Nicky and Paris Hilton, 2015, Coachella

Credits taken from google images and as seen by the watermark on them.

Sorry if I have kind of digress for style number 4. But I would just like to show him some style that can be worn during OTHER festivals too. These outfits need not be worn only during Coachella. It can be worn during concerts too or on a daily basis. It is casual yet trendy, all eyes will be on YOU.



Style number 5.

Now calm down y loves. Don’t drool over the flannel. YES. This is currently in trend. As long it is flannels you can pair them up with anything. Even a simple black top and shoes can stand up so well with the help of flannels. Flannels does not need to be in red, it has other colours too. Let moi show you.


Ta-dahh prove my point, now don’t go on rambling. You can buy different coloured flannels and pair them up with whatever you want. Another style tip for you is, you can tie them around your waist to give you the swag look or the chill-kinda-vibe look. AGAIN, to prove my point…


Here you go, a very clear picture for you to refer. She look so good right?! Hyperventilate* I would say flannels are the brother/sisters of denim jacket because you can pull off anything with it. Trust me, it will never go out of trend. In the past there were flannels too, just that the hype of it wasn’t there. Now with the increased influx of fashion bloggers/youtubers showing their haul with flannels, most people have been yearning to have at least one flannel in their wardrobe. You can even add diy to it to perk up the style.

Credits to (google) for the picture)

There you have it! All the 5 styles recommended for this month. I know some of the styles aren’t meant for fall or winter but you could play around with the clothes that you own. Good luck and all the best for picking your own style. BYEEEEE.


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