Red Shirt Rally VS Bersih 4

Okay to start off, I am not the kind of person that likes to discuss political or countries’ issues. Also, I am not a Malaysian. But the situation has gone out of hand and I feel that it is important for me to express my opinions. Recently, my neighbouring country (M) has been facing terrible racial and economy problems. I mean if you did read the news, you would have probably know what had happened. It is really heart-breaking and sad that Malaysians had to go through all these. Thanks to the awesome PM of M (N.R), the country’s economy hasn’t been doing well. For example, their currency ratio as compared to Singapore is SGD 1 = RM3. That is a whole lot of difference. Few years back it was only 2 bucks, and now 3?! What in the world!!! Basically I am going to state it in a crude/lay-man term that N.R has been sucking money out of the citizens and job done by him is so minimal to even cover up for his act. That is so similar to the attitude of lazy people who only wants money without having to work EXTRA hard. I won’t say he is completely stupid or not hardworking because he has his own qualifications to be accepted into the government. He should only earn what he had worked for.

Unfortunately, that’s not the case for him. What’s worse was him LYING to the world, that billions of dollars he had in his personal bank account was given by an arab friend. WTF. Come on you could have told a better lie. I believe that lying would be your alternative profession if you weren’t a PM. So be it if he decided not to come clean, BUT seriously he had to evoke anger among different ethnic groups just so that he could digress his “sucking money” situation away from people?! Oh I’m sure that he knows by doing so, the country will never progress because it takes 2 hands to clap. A country can only progress onward when the citizens stay united and not allow external factors to sway their stability and economy. The inevitable has happened, and sadly both stability and economy is affected. Let’s proceed on to the 2 different rallies which had taken place just by few weeks apart.

Bersih 4:

This happened few weeks before the red shirt rally and it is somewhere near M’s national day. Those who attended this event made it very clear their aim is to ‘fight’ for a better country so that future generations will have a progressive country to live in. In addition, to differentiate themselves from ‘red shirt rally’, they wore yellow shirts instead. Quoted from google, ‘yellow is the colour of sunshine. It’s associated with joy, happiness, intellect, and energy.’ True enough, the supporters of bersih 4 stimulates loads of vibrant energy and did their rally in a civilised manner. Even after the rally, rally-goers were seen picking up litters and dumping them into available plastic bags. I mean like they were there for a rally that concerns the country’s progression and yet they even had the environment in mind (I guess this is where the intellectual part comes in). Definitely, these people set the bar VERY high for all rally-goers world- wide. Not only were they respectful to civil officials (police, military etc), they also had an attitude that the country needs. Mind you, there were different ethnic groups rallying against N.R. They stand united for hours and see themselves as only one Malaysia. They were not there to bash and looked down upon different ethnic group. There were no racist comments uttered, because it is understandable in order to stand against the evil being, everyone needs to put aside their differences. This really shows how bersih 4 is worth attending because you can 1) interact with friends that shares the same view as you, 2) fight for your child’s future and 3) make M a better country to live in and lastly maybe do more community work for the country. I sincerely hope bersih 5 will be even more successful than bersih 4. Go for it Malaysians, you have my support for bersih 5.

Red shirt rally:

*Sighh* I don’t even know where to start LOL. I feel so bad for comparing these 2 groups but I had to. In order to wake some people up, actions or maybe words must be said to instil the right mind-set that they are SUPPOSED to have. It is just so upsetting to even see thousands of people supporting N.R. I bet with you they are being paid (I think you guys know it better than I do (to Malaysians)) to do an injustice act. Again, as quoted by google ‘Red is the colour of fire and blood, so it is associated with energy, war, danger, strength, power, determination as well as passion, desire, and love.’ This is true to a certain extent. Those supporting the red shirt rally were more aggressive and dangerous as compared to bersih 4. You might wonder why… water canon were being used. During bersih 4, there were no actions taken against them. However, the red shirt rally-goers were too aggressive as they wanted to barge into Petaling Street (Chinatown) and destroy properties. Petaling Street weren’t open thus violent actions could not be taken. If not, they will definitely boycott all Chinese businesses and destroy their items. If you have read the news, no Chinese dare to attend the rally or even go near the location. Not to forget, racist comments were being spewed at Chinese reporters, such as ‘cina babi’ (Chinese pig). Seriously? They were not there to disrupt the rally but to commit to their job knowing there were some risks involved. Yet, they received such harsh treatment from the citizens who wanted to “fight” against racism by Chinese. Ew, such hypocrites when they were the ones who started the name-calling. If N.R paid them to say such remarks, I really hope they didn’t mean them from the bottom of their hearts. Really saddening to see Malaysians turning against each other after going a long way since history. For those who are clueless where M is located at, it is just beside Singapore. They have also a multi-cultured society (basically means different ethnic groups living in the same country and are not segregated). Unfortunately, with the current situation, there has been tension among Chinese and Malays, and I fear that there may be a segregation between them. After the rally, litters were being thrown everywhere and no one bat an eyelid at the awful sight in front of them. Maybe pictures were not taken when some red shirt rally-goers were picking up litters (for whatever reason ahem*) but you could compare the cleanliness of the area amongst the 2 group, too drastic.

I am so sorry for those who have to go through these ordeal and be agitated by some of their actions. I hope that peace and stability will be restored by the power of a united country. As for N.R, come on, we know that he will not back down from his political position and will discreetly “suck money” time to time. Overthrowing him can only “steal” his political authority away from him so as to prevent him from having more wrong doings. Damn, so many wrong doings and I wonder is he considered as a sinner under Muslim rule? Please, may someone explained it to me?

To conclude this wordy and lengthy post, I hope bilateral relations between S and M will not be affected, and may M be harmonious again. Some people think that ‘hope’ is a dangerous word/feeling because you just live on and HOPE for something to happen without having to fight for it. On the contrary, when there is hope instil in people’s mind, they will fight to turn that into reality. You can’t just think of it in one manner and conclude that there is no way around it. A word has 2 meanings towards it based on individual and it is up to Malaysians to choose which meaning they want. Thank you for reading guys, till then!


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