Usually i will not touch on a topic like this, well because i’m not really fond of pets/animals. I mean it wouldn’t be part of my content (really) and never have i gave it much consideration to actually penned my thoughts about them. However, recent events led me to relief  my grief and thoughts on such lovely animals. 

Just today i was at a vet and certainly it was my first time. I didn’t know what to expect and honestly, if it weren’t for my grandmother’s persuasion, i wouldn’t have followed my aunt and dad. You see, my family never really had a thing for animals, though they once took care of 3 dogs and a duck in the older days. None of these animals were being bought, yes you read it clearly, NONE. They were either picked from a street or a gift (more like a donation *roll eyes”) from a friend who probably found the animal unlikable. Sadly, i am not someone who goes gushing over animals and liking cute animal photos on instagram. I liked photos of food WAY more than anything. Anyway, when we were at the vet, we had to register blahblahblah and weigh the tortoise. 


During a period in singapore, we weren’t allowed to keep some kind of tortoise. GUESS WHAT? Whose family decided to be kind hearted and picked this poor little one from our void deck??? Yes, my family (specifically my grandfather). Oh he had a soft spot for unwanted pets and he would picked them up. Since then we treated it with ultra care and concern, and my grandfather love her to bits. Unfortunately, my grandfather passed away few years back and since then we have been taking care of her. 


We waited for awhile before its our turn and there were all kinds of animals in the vet such as dogs, hamsters, fishes, turtles etc. Most of the time, interactive animals (eg. Dogs and cats) make the most noise as they were able to “voice” out their pain. Hearing them barking, moaning or even whimpering breaks my heart. All these sounds are definitely different from what you hear usually, its the cry of pain. If my tortoise were to make any sound it will also be cries of pain. Additionally, there was a dog in a separate room where it had to be put to sleep. The owner, hardly older than i am started to bawl her eyes out and i felt extremely heart broken to hear her cry. It kind of have an effect on those who were sitting in the waiting lounge, as we were able to feel her sorrow. It started me thinking on how pets and humans have such an unexplainable relationship. Started out as strangers, foster huge affection for each other and now, one had to leave the other. Well, its part and parcel of life, you can’t escape death. Thus i told myself that life is so fragile and even if pets aren’t humans, you ought to spend more time with them and not leave them to be neglected. They will feel your sincerity and love, which also shows the way they will treat you. I’ve realised that i haven’t been giving any attention to my turtle and tortoise partly because i wasn’t the one who picked/bought them. No matter what, they are afterall my pets, and will leave me too. So why not start now, to show love for animals or pets, even though you don’t have a liking for them, because relationship can grow and you never know. 


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