Alrighty, i have blogged about HHN 5 in my dayre but since i have deleted the app, i have no plans on re-downloading again. I have always loved haunted houses and i used to watch them on you-tube since i can’t be there physically. I have a really weird habit of wanting to go to a haunted house but at the same time, too afraid. Fortunately, i plucked up my courage and went for last year’s HHN5. IT WAS SO FUN!!!LITERALLY!!!i even took some of the rides (FORCED BY MY BROYOS) and am glad that i took it.

This year’s theme was different from HHN5 (wth am i saying, every year has and always been different). HHN5 was in conjunction with SG50, so majority of the haunted house were based on local scenes (such as HDB, MRT train, Chinese funeral (those traditional ones) etc). HHN6 was a fusion between local (vixen brothel, legendary changi hospital, hawker centre) and western (witch etc) haunted houses. In comparison between HHN5 and HHN6, HHN5 was much scarier as opposed to HHN6. It could be due to my first time, so i was really anticipating a lot and it was really hyped out. As for HHN6, i didn’t really get the vibe and all my friends were like meh…. so like we didn’t really enjoy ourselves.

Overall, if you have low threshold value for scary rides/houses, HHN will be the ultimate halloween venue for you to attend but it comes with a price (geddit hehe, on a side note you will probably finish everything by midnight and that’s when transport are scarce, so i hope you book an uber or cab way earlier or have someone to pick you up).

That’s it for today, and i know i haven’t been updating much, so sorry. School has been a bitch to me and i can’t help but tolerate all the shits that has been thrown in my direction.

P.S: sometimes i feel sorry for myself lol since when have i been so pathetic and felt any sense of sorryness for myself