why am i being like this?

Hey world! i don’t plan on feeding my blog with negativity but i really need a platform to pour things out. Recently, i have been very sensitive, unmotivated and paranoid for all reasons. I guess it got worse when i had a mini fall out with my friend and boy was i surprised on how i handled it. I was never one to confront a person with any issues i had with them or even tell my friends about my insecurities (you could say that i was being defensive, prideful blahblahblah i don’t care lol). Anyway, before that confrontation, X (let’s call that friend which i had a fall out with), Y (another good friend) and I were on super good terms, so we hanged out and chill etc. We even had a very active group chat, and spent late nights chatting with each other, basically what good friends do. X was the one who created the group due to his/her emo nights about a person he/she liked. I tried to be there for him/her, gave him/her advises, cheer him/her up a little etc. So at that point of time, he/she told me that it wasn’t a right time to reveal who that person was, and i didn’t probed either (i respected his/her decision to not tell me as i understand the vulnerability that he/she may feel). I told him/her: its okay, i understand, when you feel like telling me just go ahead but for the mean time just cheer up. FAST FORWARD…… (during that period we chatted about other things and also about that person and i didn’t probed who that person was either. As a friend, i tried to give all my support and whatever advises i could think of etc)……. one day X revealed a picture in the group and asking Y and I to guess who he/she is? so we were “idk, give us some hints?”. X replied “i wore the same colour of clothes as that person”. From that hint, it was extremely who that person was and i was so happy to find out that this person had such good grades and nice personality. X even told me that person’s Instagram handle and even gave me the permission to stalk her… so I DID. FAST FORWARD AGAIN….. in feb, my bf didn’t like me chatting till late at night with X and i even replied X’s msgs faster than my bf’s. So he was irritated and i felt apologetic. I told X about this problem as i was feeling down and couldn’t comprehend why he would have acted that way. Puzzled and upset, i looked for both X and Y for helped. They were really nice with comforting and assuring me etc. In the end, my bf and I solved our issues, talked it out and made up. After this hiccup with my bf, i could feel X slowly distancing away from me. For instance, i will ask X out to hang out and X would decline/avoid my message/changed topic etc. It was an obvious sign that any sound person could have seen it and yet idk what has gotten into me, i didn’t give up. I continued asking X to hangout and the same thing happened. I WAS AFRAID TO LOSE X AS A FRIEND. I didn’t want to tell my bf about it but eventually he found out and i told him, so one day he decided to ask X  behind my back cus i warned him not to as i DO NOT like confrontation. But he saw how upset i was and felt so sorry for the state that i was in. Basically, X was afraid that being too close to me would affect my  r/s with my bf and told my bf his/her rationale etc. SO my bf ask X to explain it to me and what’s worse was the night before i dmed X saying “can i ask u smth” and i freak out immediately. X replied with “YES?”. Next morning X dmed me again with “im waitinggggg”. But i couldn’t bring myself to ask X why he/she was acting liked that. in the end, my bf told me tell him that i knew everything and i did. As for Y (another good friend), X actually consulted her for advises before distancing away from me and i just felt so betrayed and all sorts of emotions started flowing in – one moment i was upset, the next i was laughing at how FOOLISH I WAS and i cried lol dumb moment.

Eventually X didn’t talked to me about this issue but instead decided to start the convo with a happier mood, which i thanked X for that and telling me things that happened between that person and I on how they were getting along. I genuinely felt happy for X, guess what…. all along that person whom X gave me his/her Instagram handle, showed me the picture and even the name was A LIE. It was to cover up his/her actual crush, to steer me away from finding out who that real person was…. which i eventually found out myself and got confirmation from those that he told (Y and another friend). I thought all long i was a good friend that X could confide in, to share his/her problems and to hang out. I felt so defeated in a game that I DIDN’T EVEN KNOW I WAS PLAYING. CAN U FUCKING BELIEVED IT LOL. X lied to me, distance away from me etc saying it was for the best. ermmmmm….. aren’t you aware that i have feelings too lol. X even claimed i was being a little sensitive…whut? anyway, i hid all these thoughts away from X and just carrying on being normal. He even qns Y to see if she told me?! and then came back to reply me saying”i don’t mind if you know, its the others im worried about”….. so why wasn’t i informed lol. X even claimed that we were good frineds/bff….so BFF no more 🙂 So after the mini fall out, we returned being friends and how X told me that he/she misses me so much as a friend which i doubt. I have trust issues for people who betrayed me. I mean like if you don’t want to tell me who that person was, its fine. BUT YOU DON’T HAVE TO COME UP WITH AN ACT TO COVER UR ASS. grab some balls and MAN up lol im not so weak that even a sentence like “i dun feel like revealing it to u now even if u want to know who. im not ready.” could break me apart. of course i will reply “cool, as long u r happy and things r going well then that’s all matters.”. YOU DON’T HAVE TO SAY “OH I DUN MIND U KNOWING” TO COVER UP FOR UR ACTUAL INTENTION.

To X,
thank you for all those great memories that we shared and enjoyed. i appreciate all of them but sadly i could not comprehend the rationale for your actions or even validate them to see why you have done them. we are both at fault so im not blaming you. i should not have confronted you, i should be quiet and let it all go away. I should not be salty when i see Y and you hanging out tgt (like how all 3 of us would hang out). i should be stronger than to let myself divulged into negativity and hatred. I won’t lie that i held a huge grudge against you which explained my awkwardness around your presence. Im sorry for being such a sensitive bitch and clueless friend who don’t even know that i was being lied. Im sorry for creating a small drama between you, me, my bf and Y. i would take it all back if i could turn back in time and settle myself into something far more valuable and enriching. I shouldn’t have completely wasted my time thinking about our friendship. Im sorry our friendship meant nothing to you. All in all, i thank you so much and will always love you as a friend. xx



Alrighty, i have blogged about HHN 5 in my dayre but since i have deleted the app, i have no plans on re-downloading again. I have always loved haunted houses and i used to watch them on you-tube since i can’t be there physically. I have a really weird habit of wanting to go to a haunted house but at the same time, too afraid. Fortunately, i plucked up my courage and went for last year’s HHN5. IT WAS SO FUN!!!LITERALLY!!!i even took some of the rides (FORCED BY MY BROYOS) and am glad that i took it.

This year’s theme was different from HHN5 (wth am i saying, every year has and always been different). HHN5 was in conjunction with SG50, so majority of the haunted house were based on local scenes (such as HDB, MRT train, Chinese funeral (those traditional ones) etc). HHN6 was a fusion between local (vixen brothel, legendary changi hospital, hawker centre) and western (witch etc) haunted houses. In comparison between HHN5 and HHN6, HHN5 was much scarier as opposed to HHN6. It could be due to my first time, so i was really anticipating a lot and it was really hyped out. As for HHN6, i didn’t really get the vibe and all my friends were like meh…. so like we didn’t really enjoy ourselves.

Overall, if you have low threshold value for scary rides/houses, HHN will be the ultimate halloween venue for you to attend but it comes with a price (geddit hehe, on a side note you will probably finish everything by midnight and that’s when transport are scarce, so i hope you book an uber or cab way earlier or have someone to pick you up).

That’s it for today, and i know i haven’t been updating much, so sorry. School has been a bitch to me and i can’t help but tolerate all the shits that has been thrown in my direction.

P.S: sometimes i feel sorry for myself lol since when have i been so pathetic and felt any sense of sorryness for myself


Usually i will not touch on a topic like this, well because i’m not really fond of pets/animals. I mean it wouldn’t be part of my content (really) and never have i gave it much consideration to actually penned my thoughts about them. However, recent events led me to relief  my grief and thoughts on such lovely animals. 

Just today i was at a vet and certainly it was my first time. I didn’t know what to expect and honestly, if it weren’t for my grandmother’s persuasion, i wouldn’t have followed my aunt and dad. You see, my family never really had a thing for animals, though they once took care of 3 dogs and a duck in the older days. None of these animals were being bought, yes you read it clearly, NONE. They were either picked from a street or a gift (more like a donation *roll eyes”) from a friend who probably found the animal unlikable. Sadly, i am not someone who goes gushing over animals and liking cute animal photos on instagram. I liked photos of food WAY more than anything. Anyway, when we were at the vet, we had to register blahblahblah and weigh the tortoise. 


During a period in singapore, we weren’t allowed to keep some kind of tortoise. GUESS WHAT? Whose family decided to be kind hearted and picked this poor little one from our void deck??? Yes, my family (specifically my grandfather). Oh he had a soft spot for unwanted pets and he would picked them up. Since then we treated it with ultra care and concern, and my grandfather love her to bits. Unfortunately, my grandfather passed away few years back and since then we have been taking care of her. 


We waited for awhile before its our turn and there were all kinds of animals in the vet such as dogs, hamsters, fishes, turtles etc. Most of the time, interactive animals (eg. Dogs and cats) make the most noise as they were able to “voice” out their pain. Hearing them barking, moaning or even whimpering breaks my heart. All these sounds are definitely different from what you hear usually, its the cry of pain. If my tortoise were to make any sound it will also be cries of pain. Additionally, there was a dog in a separate room where it had to be put to sleep. The owner, hardly older than i am started to bawl her eyes out and i felt extremely heart broken to hear her cry. It kind of have an effect on those who were sitting in the waiting lounge, as we were able to feel her sorrow. It started me thinking on how pets and humans have such an unexplainable relationship. Started out as strangers, foster huge affection for each other and now, one had to leave the other. Well, its part and parcel of life, you can’t escape death. Thus i told myself that life is so fragile and even if pets aren’t humans, you ought to spend more time with them and not leave them to be neglected. They will feel your sincerity and love, which also shows the way they will treat you. I’ve realised that i haven’t been giving any attention to my turtle and tortoise partly because i wasn’t the one who picked/bought them. No matter what, they are afterall my pets, and will leave me too. So why not start now, to show love for animals or pets, even though you don’t have a liking for them, because relationship can grow and you never know. 

Red Shirt Rally VS Bersih 4

Okay to start off, I am not the kind of person that likes to discuss political or countries’ issues. Also, I am not a Malaysian. But the situation has gone out of hand and I feel that it is important for me to express my opinions. Recently, my neighbouring country (M) has been facing terrible racial and economy problems. I mean if you did read the news, you would have probably know what had happened. It is really heart-breaking and sad that Malaysians had to go through all these. Thanks to the awesome PM of M (N.R), the country’s economy hasn’t been doing well. For example, their currency ratio as compared to Singapore is SGD 1 = RM3. That is a whole lot of difference. Few years back it was only 2 bucks, and now 3?! What in the world!!! Basically I am going to state it in a crude/lay-man term that N.R has been sucking money out of the citizens and job done by him is so minimal to even cover up for his act. That is so similar to the attitude of lazy people who only wants money without having to work EXTRA hard. I won’t say he is completely stupid or not hardworking because he has his own qualifications to be accepted into the government. He should only earn what he had worked for.

Unfortunately, that’s not the case for him. What’s worse was him LYING to the world, that billions of dollars he had in his personal bank account was given by an arab friend. WTF. Come on you could have told a better lie. I believe that lying would be your alternative profession if you weren’t a PM. So be it if he decided not to come clean, BUT seriously he had to evoke anger among different ethnic groups just so that he could digress his “sucking money” situation away from people?! Oh I’m sure that he knows by doing so, the country will never progress because it takes 2 hands to clap. A country can only progress onward when the citizens stay united and not allow external factors to sway their stability and economy. The inevitable has happened, and sadly both stability and economy is affected. Let’s proceed on to the 2 different rallies which had taken place just by few weeks apart.

Bersih 4:

This happened few weeks before the red shirt rally and it is somewhere near M’s national day. Those who attended this event made it very clear their aim is to ‘fight’ for a better country so that future generations will have a progressive country to live in. In addition, to differentiate themselves from ‘red shirt rally’, they wore yellow shirts instead. Quoted from google, ‘yellow is the colour of sunshine. It’s associated with joy, happiness, intellect, and energy.’ True enough, the supporters of bersih 4 stimulates loads of vibrant energy and did their rally in a civilised manner. Even after the rally, rally-goers were seen picking up litters and dumping them into available plastic bags. I mean like they were there for a rally that concerns the country’s progression and yet they even had the environment in mind (I guess this is where the intellectual part comes in). Definitely, these people set the bar VERY high for all rally-goers world- wide. Not only were they respectful to civil officials (police, military etc), they also had an attitude that the country needs. Mind you, there were different ethnic groups rallying against N.R. They stand united for hours and see themselves as only one Malaysia. They were not there to bash and looked down upon different ethnic group. There were no racist comments uttered, because it is understandable in order to stand against the evil being, everyone needs to put aside their differences. This really shows how bersih 4 is worth attending because you can 1) interact with friends that shares the same view as you, 2) fight for your child’s future and 3) make M a better country to live in and lastly maybe do more community work for the country. I sincerely hope bersih 5 will be even more successful than bersih 4. Go for it Malaysians, you have my support for bersih 5.

Red shirt rally:

*Sighh* I don’t even know where to start LOL. I feel so bad for comparing these 2 groups but I had to. In order to wake some people up, actions or maybe words must be said to instil the right mind-set that they are SUPPOSED to have. It is just so upsetting to even see thousands of people supporting N.R. I bet with you they are being paid (I think you guys know it better than I do (to Malaysians)) to do an injustice act. Again, as quoted by google ‘Red is the colour of fire and blood, so it is associated with energy, war, danger, strength, power, determination as well as passion, desire, and love.’ This is true to a certain extent. Those supporting the red shirt rally were more aggressive and dangerous as compared to bersih 4. You might wonder why… water canon were being used. During bersih 4, there were no actions taken against them. However, the red shirt rally-goers were too aggressive as they wanted to barge into Petaling Street (Chinatown) and destroy properties. Petaling Street weren’t open thus violent actions could not be taken. If not, they will definitely boycott all Chinese businesses and destroy their items. If you have read the news, no Chinese dare to attend the rally or even go near the location. Not to forget, racist comments were being spewed at Chinese reporters, such as ‘cina babi’ (Chinese pig). Seriously? They were not there to disrupt the rally but to commit to their job knowing there were some risks involved. Yet, they received such harsh treatment from the citizens who wanted to “fight” against racism by Chinese. Ew, such hypocrites when they were the ones who started the name-calling. If N.R paid them to say such remarks, I really hope they didn’t mean them from the bottom of their hearts. Really saddening to see Malaysians turning against each other after going a long way since history. For those who are clueless where M is located at, it is just beside Singapore. They have also a multi-cultured society (basically means different ethnic groups living in the same country and are not segregated). Unfortunately, with the current situation, there has been tension among Chinese and Malays, and I fear that there may be a segregation between them. After the rally, litters were being thrown everywhere and no one bat an eyelid at the awful sight in front of them. Maybe pictures were not taken when some red shirt rally-goers were picking up litters (for whatever reason ahem*) but you could compare the cleanliness of the area amongst the 2 group, too drastic.

I am so sorry for those who have to go through these ordeal and be agitated by some of their actions. I hope that peace and stability will be restored by the power of a united country. As for N.R, come on, we know that he will not back down from his political position and will discreetly “suck money” time to time. Overthrowing him can only “steal” his political authority away from him so as to prevent him from having more wrong doings. Damn, so many wrong doings and I wonder is he considered as a sinner under Muslim rule? Please, may someone explained it to me?

To conclude this wordy and lengthy post, I hope bilateral relations between S and M will not be affected, and may M be harmonious again. Some people think that ‘hope’ is a dangerous word/feeling because you just live on and HOPE for something to happen without having to fight for it. On the contrary, when there is hope instil in people’s mind, they will fight to turn that into reality. You can’t just think of it in one manner and conclude that there is no way around it. A word has 2 meanings towards it based on individual and it is up to Malaysians to choose which meaning they want. Thank you for reading guys, till then!


Fashion sense

Hey guys, I guess this is what most of you are waiting for… fashion. Probably girl’s favourite topic to talk about. Anyway, I know my post will be kind of disappointing but I hope you will at least take a read and tell me on where to improve to make the topic more interesting. To start off, my fashion sense might not be the best so do pardon me if the colour clashes or anything. My style would be something casual and comfortable. Hold your horses before commenting that that the style will be too ugly. Let the pictures do the talking my loves.


Super cute and comfy right? I am sure you guys will volunteer to wear it, especially during a breezy day. From the shoes to the bag, everything seems to fit perfectly, even the colours too. OMG I can literally die of fashion-spazz!! Oh ya this is style number 1.


Style number 2.

This will probably be for the more chic and comfy kind of girl. As you can see, denim jeans is totally the fashion life saver. Anything can be paired with denim material and you look good in them. Even with a slouchy pullover/blouse, one will still be able to pull off the chic vibe.  (LIKE THE LADY ABOVE) *credits to Pinterest imagine adding a pair of sunnies, DAMN YOU GO GIRL! Really suitable for a dress down day.


Style number 3.

So… this is more for the winter season/autumn. This style is simple yet swag. The beanie helps a lot in the “swag” segment as beanie is ultimately one of the accessories that helps to amplify the “swagness” of your look. NO ONE WILL DARE JUDGE YOU FOR WEARING THIS!!! The boots add on a very chic vibe too. I always love boots like this. Not those knee-length boots though. If your legs are long it doesn’t really matter. However, if you got short legs like me (ahem), I suggest you take boots like this. And, remember to let down your flawless hair. To me, in order to pull off the beanie, you have to let down your hair so as to shape your face. Even the simplest colours can be a “swag” fashion statement (white top, denim jacket and black leggings/skinnies). I will definitely try to dress something similar to that, during winter.


Style number 4.

You know what is this for right? COACHELLA THEME INSPIRED. Truth is, not really, recently the kimono, ripped shorts, lace bralette and floral headband has been in trend. Ever since Coachella has been known worldwide, many fashion brands came out with designs that could accommodate the music festival. As the festival is during summer (around march/april I think), the clothes and materials used were thinner and less restricted. Obviously, during a festival you have to move around a lot and there will be carnival and games. JUST BECAUSE YOU HAVE NOT HEARD OF THAT FESTIVAL, IT DOESN’T GIVE YOU AN EXCUSE TO NOT KNOW THAT CELEBS ALL AROUND THE WORLD ATTENDED THIS EVENT. Let me name a few of them and show you their Coachella style. Be impressed ladies.


Kendall and Kylie Jenner, 2014 (?), Coachella


Vanessa Hudgens, Can’t remember the year, Coachella


Selena Gomez, Can’t remember the year, Coachella


Nicky and Paris Hilton, 2015, Coachella

Credits taken from google images and as seen by the watermark on them.

Sorry if I have kind of digress for style number 4. But I would just like to show him some style that can be worn during OTHER festivals too. These outfits need not be worn only during Coachella. It can be worn during concerts too or on a daily basis. It is casual yet trendy, all eyes will be on YOU.



Style number 5.

Now calm down y loves. Don’t drool over the flannel. YES. This is currently in trend. As long it is flannels you can pair them up with anything. Even a simple black top and shoes can stand up so well with the help of flannels. Flannels does not need to be in red, it has other colours too. Let moi show you.


Ta-dahh prove my point, now don’t go on rambling. You can buy different coloured flannels and pair them up with whatever you want. Another style tip for you is, you can tie them around your waist to give you the swag look or the chill-kinda-vibe look. AGAIN, to prove my point…


Here you go, a very clear picture for you to refer. She look so good right?! Hyperventilate* I would say flannels are the brother/sisters of denim jacket because you can pull off anything with it. Trust me, it will never go out of trend. In the past there were flannels too, just that the hype of it wasn’t there. Now with the increased influx of fashion bloggers/youtubers showing their haul with flannels, most people have been yearning to have at least one flannel in their wardrobe. You can even add diy to it to perk up the style.

Credits to (google) for the picture)

There you have it! All the 5 styles recommended for this month. I know some of the styles aren’t meant for fall or winter but you could play around with the clothes that you own. Good luck and all the best for picking your own style. BYEEEEE.

My Future Wedding Speech

To start off, I am sure most of you have been to weddings right? Usually, you will encounter the situation whereby both groom and bride have to address their guests. Personally, I feel that this is unnecessary because you can thank them in other manner, for instance, through a personalise card. By no means am I condemning this tradition but in my opinion I will try to avoid it. Recently, I had been to a friend’s wedding at park royale. Well, he is 20 years of age and the bride is tad older. They met through some match-make agency (I suppose this is china’s tradition? Correct me if I’m wrong) and In my opinion he is certainly too young to handle marriage, let alone a GIRLFRIEND. I know him well thus I had to make this assumption. OOPS SIDE TRACK AGAIN. Anyway, my point is they had to make a speech halfway through the wedding dinner. What’s worse is my friend had some stage jitters (he wasn’t prepared thus he had to do an impromptu one) and he felt so bad for stammering. By no means is this unprofessional but more like a stage jitters attack. I felt that it was such a hassle as it was their wedding day and yet they couldn’t enjoy their dinner?! WHAT SORCERY IS THIS?! I mean you paid quite a heavy sum of money just so you and your wife can have a memorable wedding dinner but you CAN’T finished all the courses. That’s why I will make it a point to keep my speech probably less than 5 mins so that I can enjoy my food hahaha. I am known for being a glutton so don’t judge. The main thing on my wedding list would be: FINISHING ALL MY COURSES INCLUDING THE DESSERT. I know I know, I am just very different from other ladies. Most of them would want people to have a good impression of their wedding, but for me I want me and my partner to enjoy. Alright so here is my speech (disclaimer: friends and families 7-9years from the future, if you happened to read this post and the speech differs from this, please note that as I age my mentality changes so this is currently what I am going to say during my wedding dinner (2015)) :

Dear family and friends,

Thank you for taking time out from your busy schedules. I have too many people to thank hence, I will not name out all of them. Personally, I would like to thank my late grandfather. He loved me for who I am, even as a bratty child he still lavished me with lots of love. Till to this day, I knew I could trust him wholeheartedly.  However, he can now entrust that duty to (name of my partner). I know (name of my partner) will love me with all his heart and soul. Sorry if it’s too cheesy.haha. To end it off, I hope you guys have a great night and do enjoy yourself. Thank you.

YUP THAT’S ALL ABOUT IT. Honestly, the speech does not define your wedding so I feel that you just need to thank those who made an impact in your life. To add on, my dad once told me that “girl, you CAN exclude an extravaganza wedding. You can even choose to wed alone without any family members, just the 2 of you. The main thing is to keep your marriage alive and love each other till forever. The wedding is not as important as you think it is.” SO TO THOSE COUPLES OUT THERE, ENJOY YOUR WEDDING AND DO NOT FRET OVER THE PLANNING. AS FOR THOSE SINGLES, DON’T WORRY, THEY MIGHT BE NEAR YOU. Cheers guys!


Recently, Singapore held the 28th sea games and it was so spectacular. The opening and closing ceremony was so nicely done, especially the theme and flow of the performances. The event committee even include a tribute segment to our late founding father, Mr Lee Kuan Yew. On a personal touch, I felt that it was rather respectful and sweet of them to do so. Certainly, we wished that he could celebrate our achievements (84 golds yo, way past our expectations) and our nation’s 50th birthday. However, this is part and parcel of life, people come and go. I believed he will be SO proud of us when we came together as a nation and fought for our GOLD.

The athletes will forever be gold in our eyes even though some of them may not have gotten a medal. WIN OR LOSE, WE ARE STILL #ONESINGAPORE! Of course, the main bulk of the gold medals were hauled by our national swimmers. Some of them had 2 events on all 6 days while others had long distance races.    Nonetheless, we saw their spirit and hunger for gold when they are competing. They wanted to bring pride and honour to our country, they wanted us to feel connected and they wanted us to feel proud to be a Singaporean.

The elites of the elites are with doubt commendable ( Quah zhengwen, quah tingwen, joseph schooling, taoli, Amanda, roanne etc). But, rest of the swimmers were as equally good as them, mentally. They are strong enough to know what is installed for them, be it the competitors, distance, jitters and lacked of confidence, they didn’t opt out of the race. Instead, they faced their challenges with HOPE and FAITH. THEY ARE UNBREAKABLE.  THEY ARE THE CHAMPION.

Definitely, we ought to give the coaches credit too. If it weren’t for them, will the swimmers be able to have the right mind set? Probably not. If you have read the interview of QTW (quah ting wen), she said that it was Sergio who helped her gain back the passion for swimming. While studying in UCLA, she had wanted to try surfing, thus she went on a surfing ‘lesson’ with her friends. Unfortunately, an accident happened and she broke her arm. This affected her strokes and confidence in the pool. But, Sergio came and he saved the day. The national coaches also emphasise on teamwork although swimming is mainly an individual sport. They specially held a weekend camp for the swimmers to bond and interact so as to foster stronger friendship between one another. Most of them said this year’s national team is one of the ‘tightest’ (closest) team ever. Such wonderful friendship and teamwork was displayed during the sea games. Oh how I wish I was one of them…

To conclude, competition is another thing, winning is also another thing, however friendship is EVERYTHING. The sea games really showed that Singapore athletes have true sportsmanship and they should be respected too. Without their hard work and dedication, we wouldn’t be able to excel. I hope that their passion for the respective sports will never die and they continue to achieve greater heights. Thank you athletes.


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